Subject—The Bernoulli Model Book

To— Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
House of Commons
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

Mr Christopher Bek
602, 1133 Eighth Avenue SW
Calgary AB Canada T2P 1J7
The Theory of One
Existentialism Now
The Bernoulli Model
20 December 2019

Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Subject—The Bernoulli Model Book
Quotation—Restricting a body of knowledge to a small group deadens the philosophical spirit of a people and leads to spiritual poverty. —Albert Einstein

I am writing today to talk about my third book I am wishing to publish—The Bernoulli Model: Realizing the Dream of Portfolio Theory. I need $3,200 to publish it basically with my publisher in Victoria. I am asking you and all of my readers to donate to this worthwhile cause by cheque or online at

The Bernoulli Model is a risk management and decision making methodology that presents the same consistent storyboard for all organizational risk factors. The storyboard sits atop a stylish engineered portfolio of scientific management algorithms that form an advanced forecasting system that is mathematically accessible to executives. It is named after a family of Swiss mathematicians who lived several hundred years ago and is founded on portfolio theory developed by Harry Markowitz at the University of Chicago during the 1950s. Markowitz forever linked reward with risk in the same way that Einstein linked space with time in that both the expected outcome and the attendant uncertainty of outcome are required to complete the picture. The Bernoulli Model is based in Excel/VBA.

My first two books, The Theory of One: Realizing the Dream of a Final Theory and Existentialism Now: Realizing the Dream of a Whole Self, play harbinger for the subject matter of physics and philosophy. The Theory of One solves the greatest scientific problem of all time by uniting relativity theory with quantum theory. Existentialism Now identifies behaviorism as a problem in modern society and existentialism as a solution. Existentialism asks us to take the responsibility that comes with freedom. Like relativity and quantum theory, existentialism tells us reality is subjective. The seven essays of The Bernoulli Model are: Scientific Management, The Bernoulli Model, The Bernoulli Form, The Efficient Frontier, The Method of Moments, Applying The Bernoulli Model, and The Metaphysics of Risk.

The sixteen year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg says we must follow the science. Truthful scientific management follows the decision making process from a base of statistical decision theory through the mathematical algorithms finally arriving at an optimized portfolio.


Christopher Bek

In the evolution of scientific thought, one fact has become impressively clear—that there is no mystery of the physical world which does not point to a mystery beyond itself. All highroads of the intellect, all byways of theory and conjecture lead ultimately to an abyss that human ingenuity can never span. For man is enchained by the very condition of his Being, his finiteness and his involvement in nature. The further he extends his horizons, the more vividly he recognizes the fact that, as the physicist Niels Bohr put it, we are both spectators and actors in the great drama of existence. Man is thus his own greatest mystery. He does not understand the vast veiled universe into which he has been cast for the reason that he does not understand himself. He comprehends little of his organic process and even less of his unique capacity to perceive the world about him in his rationality and his dreams. Least of all does he understand his noblest and most mysterious faculty—the ability to transcend himself by perceiving himself in the act of perception. Man’s inescapable impasse is that he himself is part of the world that he seeks to explore—his body and proud brain are but mosaics of the same elemental particles that compose the dark, drifting clouds of interstellar space. Man is, in the final analysis, merely an ephemeral confirmation of the primordial spacetime field. Standing midway between macrocosm and microcosm, he finds barriers on every side and can perhaps but marvel, as Saint Paul did nineteen hundred years ago in saying that the world was created by the word of God so that what is seen is composed of things which do not appear. —Concluding paragraph The Universe and Dr. Einstein (1948) by Lincoln Barnett

All the choir of heaven and furniture of earth—in a word all those bodies which compose the mighty frame of the world—have not any substance without the mind. So long as they are not perceived by me, or do not exist in my mind or in the mind of any spirit, they have no existence whatsoever. —Bishop George Berkeley

Let me be utterly skeptical. If someone asks me whether I believe the Moon is there even when no one is looking at it, I am obligated to say that the question makes no sense. If you want to verify that the Moon is there, then go ahead and look—but of course you are not answering the question. If you want an objective proof of the Moon’s existence, I will respond that I am a physicist—and not a divine—and therefore have no interest in unanswerable questions. —David Lindley

Be bold the mighty forces will come to your aid. —Johanne Goethe
Genius is the art of generalizing and choosing. —Eugène Delacroix
A soul weighs more than the whole universe. —Blaise Pascal
God is the sum total of the laws of nature. —Albert Einstein